Career Objective

Ahmed Suleym Al Junaibi

At a time when the world is facing with the major issues of globalization, new principles of competition, changes in socio-economic behavior. At a time when competition has become the central concern for all businesses, requiring the development of competitive strategies and adaptation to the national and international economy.

At a time when we are faced with these tough challenges, we rely more than ever on the Company Employees.

They represent our strength, they are prime key factor for our success. It is therefore increasingly important for us to access the very best competencies.

The efficiency of institutions relies primarily on the efficiency of the human element and the success of institutions depends on finding the best human elements so you can tune the performance of institution and achieve strategic goals.

We at alghalbi have plans and programs to help Human Resources in order to adapt to the work environment and we work on a regular basis to develop their abilities and skills in the functional competence. Qualification and experience are something basic to the success of any employee, but the reality of life is not that same at all as we have many employees who are excellent in their trade but have no similar qualifications, it is my view that the right person is the one who gains quick experience with his discipline and commitment , and our policy in the selection of staff is to employ a serious and ambitious employee. Al Ghalbi works to improve the corporate environment and provides support for its employees to realize their full capabilities and achieve self-fulfillment. Individuals strive to make the Company shine also by drawing to the maximum extent on their innate abilities. Our recruitment and human resource policies encourage this by aiming to create an environment that promotes the further development of the Company and individual together .

Dr.Ahmed Suleym Al Junaibi
Head of Human Resources