Ongoing Projects

Contract Title: MSCP Maintenance Services. 24”MAF – Sohar Pipeline Maintenance
Contract No: 0100082 Rev.1
Main or Sub Contractor:
ACTIVITIES: Pigging, Cossasco coupon Retrieval & Installation, ROW & Windrow maintenance and construction, Blasting &Coating, Excavation & Back filling and Epoxy Grout Sleeves installation.

Contract Title: General Oilfield Maintenance –Mukhaizna Provide sources for all activities
Contract No: M 2006-051
Main or Sub Contractor:
ACTIVITIES: Provide Equipments and sources for all types of oilfield activities

Contract Title: Pipeline Maintenance Contract for North Oman
Contract No: C 311260
Main or Sub Contractor:  
ACTIVITIES: Pipelines Pigging Operation, Maintenance of pig, Pig Launchers, pig receivers and associated valves, Block Valve Station (BVS), Cathodic Protection (CP) monitoring, Pipeline Right of Way (ROW) / windrow inspection, Tell-Tale Vent (TTV) checks for Polyethylene (PE) line pipes, FM IT Monitoring and Non Routine jobs including Automated Ultrasonic Inspection, Manual Ultrasonic Inspection, Long Range UT, External Corrosion Inspection, Excavation, Sand Padding & Back filling, Specialist CP Surveys, Epoxy Grout Sleeves (EGS), Clock Spring, Composite Repairs, Hydro testing, Emergency Repair Services etc.

Contract Title: HDPE Lining for Flow Lines
Contract No: SWL-CA-2012-24000032302
Main or Sub Contractor:  
ACTIVITIES: EPC of HDPE Tight Liner for Flow lines and water injection lines of various diameters from 4” to 20” and commissioning.